Never Have I Ever…Made Homemade Pasta!

I have always wanted to learn how to make my own pasta. Whenever I say this, someone inevitably chimes in with an enthusiastic “ME TOO!” Someone also always quips, “you know they sell that at Publix,” which is true. But since cooking is my happy place, I had to tackle this labor of love—and “love” is what I discovered!

Luckily, a friend of mine knows a very experienced chef who teaches pasta-making classes at The Cook’s Warehouse in Atlanta, so I knew we were in good hands. I never gave much thought to ingredients, but they are surprisingly simple. Flour, eggs and water is all you need. From there, you can incorporate endless flavors (think roasted garlic, lemon, chive and so on). The amazing Chef Gloria shared secrets such as: King Arthur flour is a must and there is no need to spend a fortune on specialty cheeses. She recommended Costco’s Pecorino Romano—it’s delish and super affordable. I purchased a basic crank pasta maker afterward and found I prefer the control of the manual maker over the fancier KitchenAid attachment. You get to try both during the class. 

Once I got a feel for the basic dough, creating various versions of fettuccini, ravioli, tortellini and so much more became an obsession that I brought to my kitchen. Thank you, Amazon, for allowing me to quickly fill in with the tools I realized I needed (actually craved) as I perfected my new craft. Please believe me when I say homemade pasta truly is better than you can imagine! 

Tips to Dig into Your Own Pasta! 

  • Everything is better when you recruit partners in crime (AKA: friends) to join you. 
  • Take a class first. There are many moving parts to the techniques you need to “feel” and be taught by an expert. 
  • After taking a lesson, make it within a few weeks so you remember what you learned and hone your new skill at home.  
  • Pasta takes time! This isn’t an instant gratification venture but an amazingly cathartic and satisfying one. 

A yummy bowl of comfort pasta is the perfect cure during these chilly New Year’s days. Make 2024 the year you transform “I want to” into “I did it” and find your new passion!