Never Have I Ever…Been to a Silent Disco

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen the crowded dance floors, illuminated by glowing headsets and flashing lights, each overflowing with crowds moving to the beats of their music. It’s intriguing, but I’ve always been reluctant to step foot onto the vibrant tiles of those hectic dance floors myself. That is until I conquered my very first Silent Disco. Which, contrary to its title, is anything but silent. This irrepressible night of dancing and synchronized chaos enraptured me and my unsuspecting friends, who were dragged along solely for the cause of a good night out!

When we first walked in, tables piled high with headsets of various colors greeted us. Eagerly, I grabbed a pair and slipped them on. Immediately, classic hits from The Backstreet Boys, ABBA and The Killers traveled through my headset, quickly replacing the room’s silence.

Slightly unnerved at first because, let’s be honest, no one looks cool with giant headphones on while dancing clumsily in a room full of strangers, I stumbled into the open room and pushed my way to the middle of the dance floor. This hilariously unique journey is surprisingly relieving. Contrary to other trips out on the town, the loud music and thumping bass don’t intrude on conversation, forcing awkward miscommunications and hard-to-hear pleasantries; instead, it’s the whole point of the extravaganza!

We looked around the room to find a sea of strangers dancing happily. Whether shaking off the stresses of the week or unwinding with friends, we decided we could get used to this! Soon enough, the venue transformed into an all-around dance floor, with attendees grooving to their music as they rhythmically make their way across the room for a refill or a quick bite.

This particular establishment offered a range of food and beverage options. When searching the web for your next chance to conquer a silent disco, find a place with good grub because if you’re doing it right and truly dancing the night away, you’ll need some fuel and possibly a little liquid courage.

To our surprise (remember, we’re first-timers over here), the different colors on the headphones signaled different genres coursing through our headsets. You can switch colors, changing your playlist to sync up to the soundtracks of your friends or those around you. The room was abuzz with a synchronized flow; listeners in red headsets playfully attempted the macarena while those in green headsets sang their hearts out to the soulful ballads of Adele. Even more comforting to my friends and me was that we didn’t have to be truly alone dancing to the music! As the night continued, we became one with the dancefloor, joining those around us in impromptu group performances of upbeat classics all night. We were already planning our next silent disco debut before our feet were out the door. I’m not a professional, but I would say I’m well on my way; here are some helpful tips and tricks to navigate your next, or first, silent disco!

1. Let Loose! This is a judgment-free zone. Leave your jitters at the door, and remember that everyone’s there to have a good time!

2. Bring some friends. Even if you have totally different taste in music, you and your friends can break a sweat on the dance floor together!

3. Be prepared for a good laugh. Watching a bunch of people get their groove on in silence can be awkward but also downright hilarious. Embrace it!

4. Be yourself. Switch to the channel that best matches your music taste to fully immerse yourself in some familiar soundtracks and let the good times roll!

If you’re still on the fence about giving silent discos a try, I’ll leave you with just one question. When was the last time you could truly dance like no one was watching or belt out your own rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” without anyone batting an eye, no matter how off-key you might be? Exactly! Give this unconventional night out a try, and I can promise by the end, it will be harder to part with those headphones than you think!