Old stuff has always been a part of my life. My parents, as children of the Great Depression, saved everything in case they should need it in the future—my mother in particular.

I’ve always wanted to visit a psychic, but (until now) I never have. Hollywood’s portrayal of the psychic community as forecasters of doom and ambassadors to the netherworld have given the spiritually gifted a cloudy aura, so to speak.

Let’s clear that up right now. Here’s what I’ve discovered: Psychics are normal people like you and me. Yep, that’s right, totally normal people—with a special gift that helps others. These gifts just happen to include psychic abilities that range from mental projection (out of body experience) to mediumship (communicating with spirits) to precognition (perceiving future events).

My first experience was with medium Kay Beaudrot, a spirit readings specialist with locations in both Braselton and Woodstock. Referred by an acquaintance, Kay was gracious enough to come to my home. I can’t lie, I was nervous! What would she be like? A babushka with a crystal ball and an old-world Hungarian accent? Would she use a Ouija board? Nope, wrong on all accounts. Kay is a lovely, soft spoken, friendly woman who put me completely at ease. As we sat at my kitchen table, she began by asking my birthday. Soon after, as she describes it, images of people and feelings began to appear to her. There is no way to explain the accuracy of the things conveyed to me. None. We have no mutual friends, there’s no information on the internet about me that pertains to these folks…I gave her no information about me at all. Zero, zilch, nada. Her descriptions and messages from some of my deceased loved ones were accurate and undeniable. I rarely spoke during the entire hour. I let the tears roll down my face and my laughter fill the air around me (my long-deceased mother is still funny, by the way). When we were done, I felt surprisingly cleansed and at peace. Kay’s goal is to help people with her intuition and positive messages and I can tell you that it worked. This lovely woman, with her gift to connect to your past, is definitely worth visiting. Feel free to contact her for your own reading at Amethyst Road in Braselton ( or in Woodstock at Forever and a Day ( Or, contact Kay directly at 678-429-4349.

My second experience was with Sugar Hill resident, Kelly Goff. Kelly is well known in the psychic community and her success has taken her around the world. She specializes in psychic reading using Cartomancy, which is the practice of using cards to help decipher predictions and provide information.

Pulling into Kelly’s driveway, I was once again hit with the nervous image of gypsies and old crones telling fortunes out of the back of a wagon caravan. Nope, wrong again! As I walked into her (very normal) house, Kelly greeted me and asked me upstairs Photos courtesy: Karla Scarzafava to her office. She began our session by asking me for my birthday (there must be something to this birthday thing…) and presenting me with a deck of cards to shuffle. It was fascinating to watch as Kelly laid the cards out and then began to interpret what she could foresee in my near future. All good news of course, because like all truly reputable psychics, her gift is in helping put people at ease and providing positive insight. She reminded me that time and circumstances are ever-changing and to be aware that her readings are insights (I might add that she has a reputation for very clear insights). I shuffled the deck multiple times and she discussed my job, finances, children, husband, health and pets. I had no expectations about my visit, but I left Kelly’s home feeling more at ease and less worried about my life than when I arrived. I recommend going to see Kelly as soon as you get a chance; her compassion and kindness only lend to her credibility as an established psychic professional. Visit Kelly’s website at for appointment and contact information.

My advice? Put all your pre-conceived notions aside and make an appointment with a reputable psychic professional! You may find the peace you didn’t know you were searching for or the hope you didn’t know you needed. It’s worth it, I promise!

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