There was great food, there were great drinks and there was dancing… oh my, was there dancing!

If you haven’t been out to one of Tequila Mama’s BIG and crazy parties yet, that might be because they’ve been on a bit of a stand-still recently. But not to worry, that didn’t last long. I was lucky enough to visit their most recent revival celebration and boy was I blindsided!

Being a Suwanee native since birth, I have seen the town host a number of suburban festivals and family events for years. As I’ve gotten older and entered the night life and college-party scene, I’ve found myself making the trip to Buckhead, Athens or one of the better ‘party towns’ around Atlanta. Numerous restaurants and bars have tried to bring that inner-city feel out to the metro outskirts, but from my experience it’s always been less than exciting and the night seems to end early. So when I was told to cover a “rave” event in Suwanee Town Center, I wasn’t expecting much. Little did I know Tequila Mama’s Taqueria brings a DIFFERENT KIND OF PARTY.

Since opening in March, Tequila Mama has been on a mission to bring the authentic styles of multiple cultures together in a celebrating of the fusion of food, music and dance to the suburbs.

The owners came into the restaurant game knowing that they wanted to be the “hub for new-age travel culture” and to empower their customers to celebrate diversity in experiencing new things. Upcoming generations of social media influencers and globalization trends crave this blend of modern traditional dining, and once you bring the party, there’s nothing not to love! The event I attended was called ‘Mama Goes to Brazil’ and featured drink specials, a DJ, live cultural and interactive performances with costumes and games, and more food than  my friends and I could handle.

All the food is made fresh daily. Menu items are strategically designed to represent a vision of cultural fusion; for example, the Korean krack’ling fries pairs toasted sesame seeds with crispy signature fries tossed in ‘Mama’s sauce.’ The attention to detail shows. Other personal favorite menu items include the ahi tuna tostadas, gringo tomatoes tapas and the Tequila Mama mojito.

The difference between Tequila Mama Taqueria and other bars and night clubs that have tried to break into the suburban market is that they have created a place for their guests to create their own experience. There are people eating at tables, people dancing and people chatting at the bar, and all are enjoying their evening exactly how they want to.

Tequila Mama has everything you could want and more! With such an audience-conscious concept, and execution followed through by the appropriate staff and employees, they have made a wonderful addition to the beloved Suwanee Town Center. And now they’re exploring even more avenues of their business by adding catering to their portfolio! Next time you’re in the mood for a little party, whether going out or throwing your own, Tequila Mama has got your back—she’s officially #DiGApproved!