Spotlight on Gwinnett’s playgrounds and what makes them playworthy

Did you know that play is so important that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and youth. The Academy also reports that play offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children. Here in Gwinnett, we take play pretty seriously too. With the county’s award-winning park system as well as numerous city parks, there is no shortage of places to play. To get you started, we have provided a small sampling of the many playgrounds sprinkled across Gwinnett. So, come on Gwinnett! Let’s play!

PlayTown Suwanee
This super-duper playground that mommies and daddies (and 1,200 other volunteers) built over five days in June 2004 is located at 425 Main Street. PlayTown Suwanee features a magical bus, a castle, a log cabin, a boat, an elephant, a rocket, a climbing wall, bridges, slides and swing sets. Essentially, it is what children’s dreams are made of!

What We DiG: The magic school bus, of course!

McDaniel Farm Park
McDaniel Farm is one of Gwinnett’s most unique parks as it is restored to depict a typical 1930s farm in Gwinnett County. It also has—you guessed it—a farm-themed playground! With a tractor-climbing feature, a “pig pen” and a barn-shaped jungle gym, your children will delight in channeling their inner farmer on the dell. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself and your kids humming to the tune of “Old McDonald!”

What We DiG: The agricultural theme that ties into the park’s namesake

Alexander Park
Alexander Park’s newly opened section features a new playground with tube slides and swings along with a two-story structure with a cargo net to climb. The park also features a smaller playground with age-appropriate equipment for toddlers. But wait, there’s more! The park also has a new playground made just for your “fur babies!” The playground for your pups includes a 2.2-acre dog park that has wash-off hydrants, agility equipment, water fountains and an area for smaller dogs.

What We DiG: The “playground” for “fur babies” to play, too

E.E. Robinson Park
The playground at E.E. Robinson Park features twisty slides and unique play equipment that will keep any child engaged in active play. But, the real star of the show is the splash pad that begins its operating hours in the summer months. With features to splish and splash in, the splash pad is the perfect way to cool off from the hot summer sun.

What We DiG: The splash pad

Taylor Park
What kid doesn’t love trains, right?! This park is small, but mighty with its train-themed playground equipment. Even better, it is situated right in front of Duluth City Hall. The Taylor Park playground features a miniature train depot and train set with everything from a steam engine to a caboose. Donated by the Kelley Family in 1996, the park has since been improved to include slides, climbing and crawling equipment.

What We DiG: In addition to the train theme, we love that it is located within the beautiful Duluth Town Green!

Rabbit Hill Park
Situated on artificial grass, the playground at Dacula’s Rabbit Hill Park features lots of swings and twisty slides that will have your children squealing with delight. But the fun doesn’t stop there—Rabbit Hill Park also features dinosaur fossils that children can climb on as well as a man-made, shallow river channel to cool off in during the warmer months.