Laughter is the Best Medicine

One thing we can all agree on is that laughter is the best medicine. Whether you’ve had the worst day or the best day of your life, getting in a good laugh brings a smile to your face, literally. The Atlanta area is a great spot to see comedy live. Between breweries like Slow Pour in Lawrenceville, or Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross, Gwinnett has no shortage of amusement.

One of Gwinnett’s very own, Chris Marler, has done standup comedy for years. We asked Chris a few questions to dive in deeper on how he delivers the dose of laughter.

How did you get into stand-up?

“I had always been into standup. I watched it religiously. But I never wanted to actually perform it, so I would write down entire sets in notebooks and loose leaf, and then share them with my friends. And, I’d just sit there watching them read it waiting for a reaction. Very cringe. Finally when I was working at Houston’s in Buckhead my friends had enough of that and just signed me up for an open mic against my will. So I did it, and I had a great set. And to no one’s surprise, I was addicted to the attention immediately.”

How do you go about coming up with your material?

“For the most part I just react and write down things that happen in everyday life. Whether it’s relatable things happening around me or it’s personal/embarrassing stories.”

How do you practice material? 

“I find the best practice is to do it on stage, but I will admittedly try out some of the material on-air with my podcast or on social media to get a gauge of what works.”

Do you have a pre-show regimen/routine to prepare? 

“My pre-show routine is not something I’d recommend to everyone. What I like to do is work myself up into a borderline panic attack and pace frantically. It’s not unlike how I watch most sporting events to be honest. And I also stretch. I have no idea why. But before every show you’d think I was getting ready for the Presidential fitness award in middle school.”

What do you find the most rewarding about being a comedian? 

“There’s honestly nothing better than being on stage and having 300 ppl in the palm of your hand. It’s amazing.”

As a comedian, you are able to make everyone laugh, but who makes you laugh?

“Bo Burnham has been my favorite for about a decade. And then I’d say my friends. I can admit it, and they like to CONSTANTLY remind me that I am probably only our 4th funniest friend.”

Chris now works with Saturday Down South, bringing SEC football fans to tears every week, while also hosting a podcast called College Football Uncensored. As one of their sports writers, he has found ways to incorporate hilarious content into everything he does. If you are interested in hearing more from Chris, be sure to check out