In Season: Oh My Gourd


With the harvest season upon us, everyone is looking for fun ways to get into the spirit of autumn. Whether you’re running through a corn maze, touring a local farm or even just heading to a hardware store to pick up supplies to fall-ify your home, you’re sure to come across the chance to grab one of the season’s staples: gourds! 

This family of fruit contains everything from acorn squash to zucchini, but its most iconic member is, of course, the pumpkin! Pumpkins offer a TON of fall festivities, including pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving and painting and the ever-craved pumpkin spice latte. You can even make a delicious snack out of pumpkin seeds by adding some salt, cinnamon and brown sugar and roasting them in olive oil. Or, try out a classic pumpkin pie recipe which is sure to impress. However, this grand gourd gets plenty of attention already, so why not stand out by checking out some of its cousins this year?

Another large gourd, the butternut squash, provides a sweet flavor that makes it great for soups and stews! If you’re mainly looking to decorate, pick up something unique like the almost floral patty pan squash, the brilliantly speckled carnival squash or the turban squash, which is reminiscent of a basket. 

Regardless of which gourds you decide to bring home and summon those cozy fall vibes with, all of your friends and family will be sure to shout “Oh My Gourd!”