Looking for a little giggle, awkward snort, or uproarious pee-a-little guffaws? The Lionheart Theatre has become one of the most beloved spots in the Norcross community since its 2000 opening, constantly packing its offerings with comedic options. We asked Jason Caldwell from the Lionheart a few questions (excluding, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”) about comedy in Gwinnett.

DiG: Tell us a little bit about comedy in your theatre – how you select acts, what kind of comedian seems to draw the best audience?

Jason Caldwell: Lionheart is a big believer in promoting all types of performance art. Comedy is a great way for people to leave their troubles at the door and enjoy good fun. We select acts based on our experiences with groups from prior dealings or interview potential acts based on recommendations from others. Norcross is a family-friendly town and, as such, the acts we choose to appear in the theatre are aligned with that vision. This doesn’t mean everything is rated PG (we do have 18+ nights), but it never gets raunchy. It is very possible to be funny without being rude!

DiG: Who was your best or most memorable comedy performer?

Caldwell: Our improvisation troupe that does a number of shows throughout the year, Awkward Selfies, is our most memorable comedy troupe. They are an extremely talented group of people, with tight timing, funny premises, and great interaction with the audience. In a short time, they have built their audience to the point where they are selling out most of their shows. In addition, they also do special nights where they have a family-friendly show early and then an adult-only show later in the evening. Great fun!

DiG: What is special about the Gwinnett comedy scene?

Caldwell: It passes largely unnoticed because we are OTP. Too many people think that for quality comedy they need to go into Atlanta proper, and that is not the case. Come to Norcross and Lionheart Theatre! We offer free parking, great comedy, and amazing restaurants to enjoy before or after the show. In addition, those who want to participate on stage can attend improv and clowning classes for children through adults over Christmas break and during the summer.