Hunger Games Road Trip


  • Atlanta Marriott Marquis – Futuristic tribute headquarters in Mockingjay
Sweetwater State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park – Talking scenes with Katniss and Gale


The Swan House

Swan House Atlanta History Center – President Snow’s Mansion

  • International Clayton County Park –  The shoreline within the park is used for beach scenes in the Quarter Quell arena
  • Chestatee Wildlife Preserve – This is where the scenes of elk hunting in District 13 were taken
  • Charles Hill Lake – Backdrop for several train rides

North Carolina

  • DuPont State Park – This is the place of Katniss’ pond and where Peeta camouflaged himself
Craggy Gardens Overlook

Blue Ridge Parkway – Craggy Gardens overlooks the North Fork Reservoir (off limits to public) where the Cornucopia took place

  • Hildebran, NC (Henry River Mill Village) – This is a ready made set for the Mellark family bakery and the Everdeen shanty is located here as well
  • Lower Douglas Falls Hike (Pisgah National Forest) –  shoot pre-game scenes of Gale and Katniss. Not exact but was in the general area