In the spirit of the Halloween season (see what we did there?), we traversed Gwinnett in search of the real-life(less) ghosts haunting our county.

Next time your sister takes you up on your offer to take your Thomas-the-Train-loving nephew to the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth – on gameday – be sure to tell the little cutie all about the ghost that haunts the Washington Club car. What’s that, buddy? No, I’m sure there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just the spirit of a man dressed in a Victorian-era suit and tie. I mean, yeah, psychic investigators did confirm paranormal activity in the Washington and Superb cars. And I guess it is kind of weird that the body of President Warren Harding’s body was transported across the country in the Superb…. What did you say, buddy? You’re really not into trains anymore? Okay, yeah, we can go….

Any mansion that’s been around since 1835 is going to have seen its fair share of ghosts. Flint Hill in Norcross is better known as the home of elegant, southern grand affairs. But wedding guests aren’t the only people it plays host to. True though, it’s difficult to possess the knowledge that the home was once owned by a man who had lost his leg in the war and not hear the sound of a peg leg clunking across the upstairs hardwoods. Or to learn that the same unfortunate monopod lost not one, not two, but five wives? Fortunately, the living members of the Flint Hill staff report that the ghosts are friendly – one even opens the kitchen door for those with their arms full. A ghost with gracious Southern hospitality? Bless her heart.

While Lawrenceville is the oldest city in Metro Atlanta, for many years it was a sleepy suburban Southern town. With the growth and development of the metro area, much of historic downtown Lawrenceville was renovated at the turn of the century. These renovations awakened the sleeping ghosts, and sparked increased reports of paranormal activity, thus setting the stage for Lawrenceville Ghost Tours. Whether it is tales based on local legends handed down over the decades or recent paranormal investigations, our professional storytellers will regale you with stories that will send a chill down your spine. Come find out, if you dare, why Lawrenceville has the most popular ghost tour in Metro Atlanta.. Visit www.scarystroll.com/ghost-tour/ for more info!