You’ve heard of secret menu items: the spicy chargrilled chicken at Chick-fil-A, Five Guys’ fatty melt (that’s not a typo), Starbucks’ Butterbeer Frappuccino (“Accio, caffeine!”) and anything Animal Style at In-N-Out Burger. Now add to that famous list, the Infamous Fish Tacos from Marlow’s Tavern. Except that they’re still on the menu. Sort of. The tavern’s motto, “The usual? We don’t serve that here,” is never more applicable than when trying to order the fish tacos. Any regular can tell you their favorite iteration of the constantly changing classic, whether or not it is the version currently on the menu.

“The constant change is courtesy of our executive chef and co-founder, John Metz,” said Kaffee Hopkins, Marlow’s Marketing Brand Director. “Chef Metz looks at what the local farmers are offering and incorporates as many of those items into the menu as possible. The goal is to deliver quality dishes that are unique and enjoyable, while staying in season.”

“So while the fish tacos are not on the seasonal menu, he does change them up regularly to incorporate fresh, local ingredients.”

The best thing about ordering the Infamous Fish Tacos at Marlow’s? They’re more than happy to make whichever version you prefer. In our experience, everyone on staff at Marlow’s Duluth location can recite at least the last three iterations, and help guests craft the perfect combo.