Guinness ice cream? Yes please.


Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub is as magic as it sounds. Winner of the 2016 Flavor of the Year competition, DaddyO took first place for his butter beer ice cream, inspired by the Harry Potter series. But it’s their “adult” ice creams that make us truly giddy. From the Bailey’s Irish pistachio (raw pistachios and Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur) which won third place in the 2015 National Ice Cream Association’s Flavor of the Year Competition, to the “The Dude” White Russian (Kahlua and vodka in vanilla), you’ve really got to try them all. And yes, there is a Guinness flavor, and yes, it is awesome.

Visit their new brick-and-mortar store in Sugar Hill at 5910 Suwanee Dam Road,

Suite 400.