Georgia’s Most Exciting New Sports Team


The National Lacrosse League team, The Swarm, relocated to Georgia last year. Originally formed in Minnesota in 2004, the hometown shake up hasn’t hurt the team’s stride. They made it all the way to the semifinals last season, with an overall record of 8-10. With NLL heavyweight Ed Comeau as head coach, and a roster stacked with rising stars, there’s no chance they’re slowing down.

In fact, lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation. John Wetmore of The Bleacher Report says it has “everything Americans could ask for in a sport, without actually being football.” He writes, “It requires great athleticism, fluid teamwork, brute strength, natural instincts, team communication and intelligence.” If you’ve never attended “LAX” before, it combines the cardio endurance of soccer, defensive strategies of basketball and the body contact of football. Nicknamed “the fastest sport on two feet” players basically have to run, pass, catch and throw all at the same time. It’s blindingly fast and breathlessly fun for players and spectators alike.

What’s even more exciting is that the state team is based right here in Gwinnett at the Infinite Energy Center. The enormous venue is perfect for the sport, which requires a 330-foot field and promises a growing fan base. The Swarm season started in December and goes through end of April (longer if they go to the playoffs). Tickets start at  $25—a bargain for a full-throttle game that promises nail biting excitement. Forget Six Flags, and get season tickets.