DiG Deep: Parks A’Plenty in Dacula

A Walk In The Parks
Who doesn’t feel refreshed by some time outdoors and a breath of fresh air? I don’t know about you, but a short bask in the summer sun always helps brighten my day, improve my mood and energize me! Lucky for you, Dacula has no shortage of outdoor havens to explore. With parks, trails, playgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces scattered around the city, here’s a park-lover’s guide to exploring the outdoor escapes of Dacula!

Dacula Park
Perfect For: Picnics and Playgrounds
Our first stop on the Dacula Park Tour is aptly named Dacula Park! This 76-acre recreation space is undoubtedly a community staple. Often crowded during the summer with families and friends, canines, joggers and more, park visitors take advantage of everything it offers. There are vast green spaces, an outdoor pool, a 1.75-mile paved trail, sand volleyball courts and much more. Pack a lunch and enjoy an outdoor picnic at one of the venue’s picnic tables, or seek refuge from the sun and enjoy your lunch underneath a shaded pavilion. After lunch, spring into the park’s playgrounds and enjoy your day outdoors surrounded by summertime fun. Soak up the sun with a splash in the pool or enjoy a match on the volleyball courts. After a day well-spent, swing by the Dacula Park Community Garden to see what’s blooming!

Little Mulberry Park
Perfect For: Trailblazing and Sightseeing
Little Mulberry Park is for all those adventurers looking to get a real glimpse of wildlife and scenic views in Dacula. Hikers and walkers of Little Mulberry often spot local wildlife such as deer, herons, geese and more throughout their afternoon voyages. This park features 15 miles of paved and non-paved multi-purpose trails. The natural scenery and stunning views can be seen from smaller paved trails that surround the park’s ponds or for those up for a challenge, from steeper hiking trails that venture into the woods. The tree-lined paths and trails are dog-friendly and can lead you to a paradise of playgrounds and pavilions. Take advantage of the various trail routes and be prepared; who knows what sweet species you’ll meet along the way!

Rabbit Hill Park
Perfect For: Four-legged friends and getting active
Get active and outdoorsy! On a sunny afternoon, grab your friends and family and visit Rabbit Hill Park to get sporty at the park’s many recreational fields. You might be a little rusty, but I guarantee you, it’ll be fun! The park features many soccer, football, softball and baseball fields, an outdoor basketball court, and a sand volleyball court for visitors to get active! After your big game, bring your pup to the dog park. The playground has three separate areas for small, medium and large dogs and an ample play space for all dogs to enjoy, making it a perfect playground for your furry friends.

There are spacious paved walking trails and playgrounds for those seeking more adventure throughout the day!

Olde Mill Park
Perfect For: A Green Retreat
Last but not least, Olde Mill Park is on Dacula’s impressive resume of outdoor recreational spaces. Located in the heart of the Downtown District, Olde Mill Park is a top choice among Dacula residents. Whether shopping in Historic Downtown, popping in for a quick lunch break or looking for a place to catch a breath of fresh air throughout the day, this park has got it all at your nearest convenience! Even better, discover some history in this scenic spot! Taking its name from the original steam-powered mills that formerly occupied the land, the finial at the peak of the park’s pavilion is from the original mill! Whether you’re a Dacula native or just passing through, you can rent out the park’s pavilion to throw the outdoor celebration of your dreams!

Fortunately for you, there’s more than enough time left in this sweltering summer season to take a much-needed intermission from the hectic pace of life and explore the outdoor sanctuaries of Dacula. With all these parks and more, the possibilities of outdoor escapades are endless. Whether it’s through tranquil trails, breathtaking views or healthy blooming gardens, beauty is in full bloom this summer in Dacula!