Settle in for your long winter’s nap, cozy up next to the fire, wait to see if it snows and drink some wine—that is the best way we know to pass the dreary winter months and cure the holiday hangover.

Over a nice glass (or two), we discussed the growing popular wine blends on the drinking scene with owners of SipHappens, Laurie and Greg in Suwanee.

A blend is exactly as it sounds—a blend of different varietals to create a new wine (think of it like designer wines…the best of the best blended together, like a golden doodle!). But wine blends are not “new.” They’ve been around for centuries, and have simply “relaunched” onto the vino scene in recent years because of their versatility. Blends have the convenient ability to fit the pairing palate even when you aren’t sure what you are in the mood for or what is for dinner. As Laurie says, there’s “no commitment needed” with a blend; in this day and age where we want it all, blends come to the rescue.

We asked Laurie about the taste structure of blended wines, specifically, “When two wines meet up, does one grape dominate?”

“Yes, absolutely. Typically, the varietal that is predominant in a blend will carry the flavor profile of the wine. If it’s predominantly a cab blend, the flavors will be strong dark fruits with oak flavors and firm tannins. A Syrah-dominated blend will have blackberry and blueberry aromas, often with smoky, cured meat notes,” she responded.

Laurie and Greg suggest trying Cotes du Rhone – La Ferme du Mont Premiere Cote if you like lighter reds, or Spann Vineyards Mo Blend if you’re a Zinfandel fan. And for those that dig a good cab, try Cedar + Salmon Red Blend.

Overall, it was decided that blends are good for everyone! It’s the perfect weekday wine—for when you’re deciding what is for dinner, but you need a glass of yumminess while you figure it out. Blends are also a wonderful wine to bring to dinner at a friend’s house; more than likely, the blend will go with whatever they’re serving! They literally go with EVERYTHING—a beautiful charcuterie board, a juicy burger, steak on the grill or even a pizza from your local pizzeria.

If you need some direction on what blends to try, check out SipHappens; with over 450 small-batch wines, weekly wine tastings, a monthly wine club, featured wines by the glass and grab and go, parkready wine and charcuterie sets, there are plenty of opportunities to tap into their expertise!