Ballet Slippers To Mermaid Flippers


The Northeast Atlanta Ballet is a non-profit, pre-professional ballet company. It is the official company in residence of the Lilburn and Grayson Schools of Ballet. The Northeast Atlanta Ballet, also known as NEAB, was founded by Jennifer Byokawski Gordon in 1996. The company’s mission is to provide talented, young dancers with a professional performing experience, while also offering premium arts performances to Gwinnett County and surrounding areas.

The NEAB will host two performances of The Little Mermaid on Friday, May 20th at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, May 22nd at 2:00 p.m. at Gas South District. With original choreography by Allison Hart-Geary and costume design by Barbara Mock, witness the magic of your favorite sea creatures come to life!

The ballet performance showcases the underwater tales of the adventurous Ariel, also known as the Little Mermaid. Ariel, who is the daughter of King Triton, longs for a life on land. During a prohibited trip to the surface, she falls in love with a human named Prince Eric. Motivated to reunite with her true love, Ariel makes an agreement with Ursula, the evil Sea Witch. Ursula grants Ariel three days to be human and earn Prince Eric’s love before it’s too late. 

Don’t miss out on this performance, because you’ll wish you could be “part of that world!” For more information and to purchase tickets visit