American Redemption


So much more than just a furniture store, American Redemption Marketplace (A.R.) truly embodies the community spirit and celebrates creativity. Categorized as a shop, bar, venue and event space, the Marketplace includes work from more than 90 local artists, collectors, designers, refinishers and craftsmen. Stop in to find everything from old signs and light fixtures to repurposed antique home decor and furnishings.

The shopping experience is unique and high tech. Shoppers can scan items for details about the craftsman and the individual story behind each piece. Tablets are even available in-store to enhance the experience. The online shopping experience is also unique and easy to navigate. All items on site are available for purchase and are either locally sourced, finished, or built, making everything you purchase unique to you.

Want to get creative? The team at A.R. will source pieces with their professional team of pickers and will also help you refinish them and make them your own. They affectionately refer to the products of this collaboration as “custom”er creations. This work takes place inside A.R. in their community studio, the DIY Workshop. You can even rent space there to execute your own masterpiece or attend scheduled guided workshops led by instructors.

After you have perused the Marketplace and discussed your upcoming DIY projects in the Workshop, head into the Bar where you can order sodas, smoothies, coffee, a glass of wine, craft beer, or even breakfast and lunch. A must-try… The Nitro Coffee, a cold brew that’s brewed over 15 hours and is then infused with nitrogen and served over ice. It comes out of a tap, just like beer, is dark with a smooth texture and contains 30 percent more caffeine than a hot brew. For an extra special treat, order it “molten!”

Owners Jauxniece Palmer and Jill Snelling have created this unique space to inspire all who walk through the doors. They not only invite you to stop in and shop, they encourage you to sit down, hang around and be creative. So, next time you’re in the area, come in, hang around, get inspired and create! As the A.R. folks like to say, “Our space is YOUR space!”

Visit A.R. online at for more information including inventory, event dates, facility rental opportunities, and more!