A Tale of Two Tours


Have you ever wondered how the groovy, cool town of Suwanee fosters such an artistic vibe? There is no easy answer, but when visiting, it’s very obvious that art IS a passion of the city and an intentional strategy in creating a more connected community. 

One of the most distinguishable examples of that passion is the SculpTour: Suwanee’s Walkable Public Art Encounter. The SculpTour began in 2011, and the current is the sixth installation lasting two years each. Although technically, the current one will be three years when all is said and done in April 2022 because hey, 2020 extended/delayed everything, right? 

The 14 current art pieces in Suwanee Town Center are diverse and unique to each artist. We really DiG the story of the 5-foot tall aluminum “Ascending Throne” created by North Gwinnett High School student Breelynn Wilson and her sculptor teacher, Dallas Gillespie. Two locals in the presence of so many professional sculptors? Amazing!

Through sponsorships and private donations, the program also helps to grow Suwanee’s permanent public art collection. Typically at least one sculpture from each SculpTour is purchased by the city. To learn more and see photos and stories of each piece, go to suwanee.com and click on the SculpTour link. While you’re there, download the Parker’s Passport as a guide with fun, interactive activities you can enjoy throughout the experience. Even though this is for kids, us older cool kids are going to play along! 

From Suwanee to Lawrenceville, here we go…

By now, there is no doubt you probably know of the talented performances presented by the Aurora Theatre. But did you know each Halloween season they bring those talents outside of the actual theatre for a haunted ghost tour? 

For many years Lawrenceville was a sleepy suburban southern town. Now a vibrant entertainment and college corridor, it still holds a significant place in history. With that, tales based on local legends have been handed down over the years, as well as recent paranormal investigations and happenings. This has created the perfect spine-chilling opportunity for the Aurora Theatre’s storytellers to entertain you while strolling the streets of downtown and the historic jail. After 90 minutes of frightening stories (and possibly a ghost sighting of your own), you will see why Lawrenceville has the most popular ghost tour in metro Atlanta.  Those looking for a real adrenaline kick, step in to spooky territory on the Lawrenceville Haunted Cemetery Tour.   

If the thought of socializing scares you to death, the theatre is offering private tours, self-guided virtual tours or an at-home, virtual ghost-telling tour from the timeless character Bobby Bubbly. All tours are offered September 10th through October 31st. Tickets and the spooky details of other haunted offerings can be found on the website under “Haunted Happenings,” auroratheatre.com/haunted-happenings. 

There you have it…two totally different tours that are totally a must-do this season! As the temps cool, get artsy AND spooky!