A Magical Date Night


Calling all witches and wizards, get out your wands and get ready to cast a spell!

Are you looking for an exciting date night full of magic, mystery and all things Harry Potter? May we suggest theHarry Potter exhibition in Downtown Atlanta? This traveling exhibit is making Georgia its home until late February; it houses real movie props, like clothes, wands, sets and more.

You start the experience by getting a wristband to help guide you through interactive fun. After grabbing your wristband and adding your name and photo into the wizarding system, you’ll enter through the doors to be whisked away into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

You will experience spellcasting in the wand room, where the main characters’ wands are recreated. You can see the authentic costumes of your favorite characters, such as Harry,  Hermoine, Ron, Luna and more!

The different rooms of the experience will guide you through sections of the Hogwarts castle, such as the dining hall, Hagrid’s hut and the potions room. The second part of the exhibit takes you through the sets of the Ministry of Magic and Harry’s under-the-stairs bedroom. You’ll even have a look through the world of Fantastic Beasts.

Image of dinner

Photos courtesy: Kenna Swanson

Continue to the gift shop, where you can buy butter beer, chocolate frogs and your respective house accessories!

You can finish your magical date night experience with unique Harry Potter-themed foods, desserts and bubbling mixed drinks.

Buy your tickets at bit.ly/3uQBRAR.