5 Within 50: Unique Wellness Experiences

Embark on a wellness escapade like no other with five delightfully unique experiences! Explore the icy marvels of cryo chambers, recharge your spirit at oxygen bars and uncover the secrets of holistic bliss. This journey blends wellness with innovation, proving that self-care isn’t just a routine—it’s a thrilling, one-of-a-kind adventure. Buckle up for a wild ride as you redefine well-being in the most extraordinary way possible!

Sauna | Duluth
Dive into a symphony of saunas at Spa Land, where wellness meets whimsy! With a whopping nine varieties, the sauna journey is a rollercoaster of rejuvenation. From the cool vibes of Ice to the golden glow of Gold, each room is a unique escape—Jade, Rock Salt, BulGaMa, Rock Salt Natural Clay, Charcoal, Jewel and Oxygen complete the lineup. Experience the healing magic of infrared rays and nature’s embrace in these ornate, body-beneficial havens!
For more information, visit  spalandga.com

Oxygen Bar  | Douglasville
Place of Kai beckons guests to bask in a rejuvenating oxygen bar experience—a sanctuary for both happiness and wellness. In a world yearning for clean air, our oxygen bar delivers 95% purified oxygen, a refreshing elixir for body and soul. Beyond stress relief, it elevates energy, aids post-exercise recovery, improves sleep and enhances concentration. Optional signature aromas transform each session into a holistic retreat, promoting both physical and spiritual healing.
For more information, visit placeofkai.com

Cryo Therapy | Atlanta
Embark on a chill-filled odyssey at CryoEvolution’s cryotherapy chamber. Fueled by a mix of liquid nitrogen and a dash of electricity, this 90-second to 5-minute escapade promises therapeutic marvels. The cool dance from head to toe is a frosty remedy for pain management, leaving participants invigorated and revitalized. Uncover the short, sweet and oh-so-cool journey into cryotherapy at CryoEvolution—a frosty adventure like no other!
For more information, visit cryoevolution.com

Head Spa | Marietta
ANDALIA invites guests to experience the ultimate head spa—a Japanese-inspired fusion of luxury and scalp rejuvenation. This unique treatment achieves optimal hydration and balance with a deep-tissue scalp massage, gentle exfoliation, and steam therapy. Essential oils nourish the scalp, complementing an indulgent shampoo and conditioning session. Adding face and upper body massages elevates the relaxation, ensuring guests leave ANDALIA feeling refreshed, with a healthy scalp and irresistibly soft hair.
For more information, visit andaliasalonspa.com

Float Therapy | Atlanta
At Floasis, a rejuvenating experience unfolds where float therapy redefines wellness. Immerse yourself in a sensory deprivation tank filled with skin-temperature water and 1,200 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt. Float effortlessly, liberated from gravity’s pull, in a space designed for distraction-free tranquility. This retreat into serenity culminates in a deep meditative state, fostering relaxation and the release of muscle tension. With over 80 studies supporting its benefits, Floasis offers a cumulative path to pain reduction, stress relief and enduring wellness.
For more information, visit floasisatlanta.com