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With a new year comes a lot of changes. New routines and hobbies, a new look, the list goes on. Why not add to that newness with a few new weekend activities for your 2023 bucket list? One thing to note about the attractions on this list: they’re anything but ordinary!Whether creepy, silly, artsy or cute, you won’t find these to-dos anywhere else. Take advantage of the unique opportunities in and around Gwinnett county, and experience one or two of these weird things you’ll love– all within 50 miles of us!

Image of cats

Photo courtesy: The Catfe

You’ll be shocked to learn you don’t have to leaveGwinnett to visit this cuddly and quirky cafe. Located in Lawrenceville, The Catfe serves coffee, beer, wine, snacks and other beverages with a side of kitten snuggles! But the Catfe isn’t just about the cats. It also supports our local community by selling drinks and pop-tarts from local vendors and creating a peaceful environment for visitors. Stocked with books, newspapers and comfy couches, plan to stay a while before you head over!

Walk this nature trail only if you dare. This eerie hike lies just off the beaten path on the outskirts of Atlanta. You’ll notice it starts as a picturesque stroll through the trees, but a little farther down the way, you may stumble upon what looks like nests beside the trail. Look a little closer, and you’ll notice all sorts of cool and creepy art made from ‘trash’ that had previously accumulated in the area, primarily the heads and bodies of dolls.

While it may not be for everyone, this strange art helps with the upkeep of litter while offering some unique entertainment for passersby! If you find yourself feeling inspired during your stroll, the original artist has invited the public to add to the path art, as long as they only use materials found in the park.

Tiny Doors ATL

Photo courtesy: Tiny Doors ATL

Similar to the Dolls Head Trail, this to-do involves tiny, hidden art sculptures placed throughout Atlanta (though you may find this artsy scavenger hunt slightly more welcoming than the last). The project began when Karen Anderson Singer, aka Tiny Doors ATL, designed the original Krog Street Tiny Door in 2014. She installed it in public without expectations, but when she returned to find people had added tiny additions to the scene, she realized the wonder her doors had unlocked for so many.

Doors one through 22 are now accessible to the public at locations across the city and can be located using the map at tinydoorsatl.com. With so many doors, seeing them all will take quite a while. So, if you’re just in the area for the day, Singer suggests following the new Beltline Adventure itinerary, which stops at doors 1, 2, 5, 6, 12 and 13 along the Beltline and includes an augmented reality feature that genuinely brings the doors to life!

Happy hunting!

Photo of someone smiling, doing Yoga with a small goat on their back.

Introduce some weirdness to your workout routine with GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga! You’ll find classes available just south of us, in Tucker, GA. You may be wondering, “why goats?” Well, the answer is simple. It isn’t just because they’re adorable or silly but because they are creatures that exude happiness and positive energy – two key attributes of yoga. But you can expect more than just positive vibes from the goats during class. They’re likely to hop around, climb onto your back or even nap with you as the class takes place, so be prepared to get up close and personal!


Photo courtesy: Lexi Dolby

Many Georgia muralists have discovered a new, unexpected canvas for their work at the School Bus Graveyard in Alto, GA. When Alonzo Wade, the owner of an auto parts shop, began using old, run-down vehicles as a fence to guard his materials, a group of artists stumbled upon the them and decided to turn what we would consider ‘trash’ into a series of masterpieces. Now, artists across the state visit from year to year to rework and add to the art already there. A few things to note when visiting – the School Bus Graveyard is treated as a true art exhibition by the property owner. As such, it is only open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and requires a donation to the artists for entry.